Search Marketing – It’s All About The Conversions


Google seem to update their algorithm every second these days, and there’s continuous discussion in the SEO world as to whether SEO is dead, dying or still in good shape. There’s no doubt that the SEO landscape has changed enormously over the past 18 months, but with best practice and the ability to understand what Google is looking for it is still possible to achieve significant results with natural search.

When I was asked to present a search marketing case study at Marketing Week Live 2013, I thought a results-based case study outlining the do’s and don’ts of search marketing in 2013 would hit the mark.


Over the last year, one of my clients, Total Landlord Insurance, has seen phenomenal growth from our SEO activities and have suffered no penalties at the hands of Google’s Panda and Penguin updates.

The results-based case study was based on the premise that search marketing is all about the conversions, and shows how best practice SEO, together with some conversion rate optimisation can provide outstanding results for businesses, even in a very competitive marketplace like insurance.

The ABC of Search, featured in the case study, would appear to be an obvious approach, but it surprising how many companies are still obsessed with rankings and lose sight of the real benefit – conversions.

The case study clearly shows how important it is for both agency and client to be working together in providing the best sales results for the business and how our close relationship with Total Landlord Insurance and their faith in our methods and strategy have brought outstanding results over the last year.

Take a look through the presentation below and let me know you thoughts and comments, I’d appreciate any feedback.

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