What’s New in Digital Marketing?


This week has been a busy one for us at Coast Digital this month with the release of our free social media idea book. Written by our in-house experts, its aim is to help give you some inspirational ideas to help boost your social marketing. Containing 7 quick tips that we use with our own clients to achieve fantastic results, it’s perfect for businesses of all sizes – we hope you’ll find it useful.

As well as the release of our social idea book, there’s been a plethora of new services in search, so we thought we’d share some of the things that could be most relevant for you and your business:-

Google Universal Analytics

It’s been talked about for a while but Google Universal Analytics has finally been released into public beta, which is great news for everyone in search. Google has been working hard to improve the service which drags data from multiple platforms. The result is that analytics will now show more in depth customer journeys, for example – if people are finding your business on mobile, looking again on a tablet and finally purchasing from a laptop. Ultimately it gives a deeper level of insight into how people are looking at websites and more widely, consumer behaviour.



On the subject of mobile devices, Google has also launched their GOMO tool. This has been talked about for a while now but the site is finally live. Using data you input (or import from Adwords) you can now calculate:

  • The ROI your mobile site is generating; whether from orders made from calling your business
  • How many apps are being downloaded from your mobile ads
  • Cross device purchases and sole mobile purchases
  • How many people are finding your store online for the first time

Although a lot of this information isn’t directly from mobile sales, it does provide valuable insight as into how people are interacting with you through mobile. This could be the closest you can get to determining the true value of your mobile site, and could help in understanding how many leads your mobile site could be generating.


Send to Kindle Button

Social sharing is also growing and now there’s yet another new button. Amazon have recently released the Send to Kindle button, meaning that if you’ve seen an article you like the look of but don’t have the time to read it immediately, you press the Kindle button and it will be sent to your Kindle/ Kindle App for you to read later on. We think this will be most effective for whitepapers or more extensive articles that you can’t give the proper attention to when you see it. You will need a Kindle account to use this service, but it’s definitely worth spending a bit of time signing up, considering the time you’ll save in the future.

Send To Kindle Button

Something for the future?

People realise the necessity nowadays to have an online presence which is fantastic news for the search industry, with the growing number of businesses online however, certain issues can be created, particularly with copyright. Google’s algorithm is improving at how it reads images, but it isn’t great, this opens the door for people to use other websites images that they’ve not purchased or taken themselves. Luckily there is a new tool (still in testing) that can help you take the matter into your own hands. Image Raider has been designed to scan websites to see if anyone has taken your images. As it’s still in testing it isn’t perfect, but at the minute the service is free so it’s worth taking advantage of.

Image Raider

Some great things have happened recently in search and it’s a sign that there’s more to come. Hopefully you’ve seen something useful you can take away today and other things that will help you out in the future, come back soon for further roundups from the industry.

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