The increasing relevance of mobile


Mobile internet usage is exploding and the business case for mobile websites or applications is becoming stronger than ever. According to a recent report from Affiliate Window, smartphone penetration has now reached 45% in the UK, m-commerce has grown by 300% in the last year and on July 9th they exceeded the 2011 total for sales through mobile devices. What does this means for your business? The answer is simple, now is the time to consider your mobile options.

But which is right for you?

Responsive design

Developing websites that respond to screen size of the device being used to access them.


  • Developed on 1 platform saving management time in the long run.
  • Resizes assets to cater for multiple devices all at once.
  • A one-off solution that shouldn’t require a wholesale update for some time.


  • More upfront effort, particularly in development.
  • Not a bespoke experience for each device, a manipulated one.
  • Still in its infancy without established best practices.

Dedicated mobile website

A solution built purely for mobile devices ideal for ecommerce and investor websites.


  • Mature solution with established best practices.
  • A streamlined experience designed purely for mobile users.
  • Good for optimising customer journeys on mobile devices.


  • Multiple website management requiring more time.
  • Can deliver a limited experience for tablet users.
  • Due to the variety of devices, extensive testing is required.

Mobile applications

Creating totally bespoke mobile applications that deliver dynamic experiences to users. Can be successfully used for internal business functions.


  • Gaining a presence on the home screen of users’ phones.
  • Action orientated so can be created with specific tasks in mind.
  • Can work without internet connection, ensuring users always have access.
  • Totally bespoke development processes.
  • Must be downloaded before it can be used.
  • Development needed for different platforms (Apple/Android etc).

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