New safe house for Kenya’s forgotten Street Children


As you may have read in my previous blog post, for sometime now, I have been closely involved with Harambee for Kenya, a charity committed to helping the thousands of children living on the streets of Kenya. These enormously vulnerable children are forced to beg or scavenge for food on rubbish tips, sleep on the streets and are exposed to extreme risk throughout their daily lives; some of them are as young as 4 years old.

‘Imagine being a child, your parents have died, you have nobody to care for you. You are cold hungry and completely alone. You sleep on the streets and sometimes you sniff glue to ease the pain and hunger. You beg and scavenge in the bins for something to eat. Tonight in Kenya, this is the reality for thousands of children’

Having visited Kenya with the charity on a several occasions, I have seen firsthand the awful experiences these young people have to go through. I am extremely humbled and thankful for the incredible work this charity does in giving these children their lives back and a chance to achieve all that they can.

The charity’s mission is to provide these children with food, medicine, education and above all, a loving, safe home. They have already turned the lives of many children around, giving them opportunities that their cruel start in life could have robbed them of.

With one highly successful safe house in Kisii, that provides a home to 37 boys, Harambee for Kenya are raising funds to build another in Meru that can house a further 40 boys. They already have the land but desperately need to raise £25,000 to get the house built.

If you’d like to donate money to this project, visit my fundraising page. Please give generously; every penny you give goes directly to the cause and will save lives. If you’d like to learn of other ways in which you can help with the vital work that Harambee for Kenya do, visit their website.

Without the continued support of generous people like yourselves, Harambee for Kenya could not carry on transforming young lives.

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