I can see the future – Google helping to fix the UK economy?


I’ve been looking at moving house recently and during my lunch time web-surf, somehow I stumbled upon the business section of the Guardian website looking at share prices. This article caught my attention – “Bank of England turns to Google to shed light on economic trends”. I am a quite a Google-fan-boy so was immediately drawn to the title. I was wondering what amazing tool Google have come up with now, especially if the “Bank of England” are using it – I assume the tool must be truly amazing…

So, what are the Bank of England using to help predict the future of the economy. yep, you guessed it…. “Google insights for Search”… [big sigh].

I love Google. I love the Google insights for search tool. You can use insights for all sorts of great things – SEM keyword Research, Flu Tracking and heaps more, but using it to predict the economic future of this country? Oh dear! If you go on to read the first few comments below the article, you see why the use of Google insights is wrong on so many levels.

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