Scouting for Girls – This Ain’t A Twitter Feed


Scouting for Girls was a hot topic on Twitter this morning, but not because they’d won an award or released another album where they’d accidentally left the repeat lyric button on. No their minor Twitter fame came about when a fellow digital marketer, James Chapman, discovered that the Scouting for Girls website was linking to a Twitter account from their official website that wasn’t even registered.

Scouting for Girls Twitter Blunder

No sooner had it been discovered the account was swiftly registered, and the owner subsequently put out his own feelings in the first tweet of the new @SFGofficial Twitter account. Unfortunately it appears that the new owner of @SFGofficial isn’t a big fan of their music.

So we now have a fake Twitter account that has been endorsed by the bands official website, what could possibly be worse?

You had to ask! It turns out that not only is there a link to the Twitter account from the website, but a live feed of the tweets themselves. This means that any offensive content is being published directly on the homepage of the Scouting for Girls website for all to see.

Imagine the damage an oversight like this could have caused a blue-chip brand. Social media is no longer a “we’ll do it later” scenario, and we can only hope that in the future Twitter won’t be so far down the to do list!

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