The Growing Importance of Conversion Rate Optimisation


Over the last two years the focus of the online marketing industry has changed dramatically; from a fixation with visibility and search engine rankings to a more holistic approach that extracts the largest potential from every single website visitor.

This understanding has grown into the discipline of conversion optimisation, conversion analysis or CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation). Fundamentally CRO is a methodology that works towards increasing the ratio of website visitors that eventually become leads or customers.

It is through finding an effective balance of website design and content, combined with efficient tracking technology that it is possible to improve the conversion process and extract the greatest potential from all website visitors. CRO is not a quick fix solution but requires continuous testing to ensure that potential customers do not abandon their journey on the basis of poor website usability or design.

CRO has been explored at length within the business-to-consumer marketplace due to the comparatively simple tracking metrics and the near instant feedback provided by what is a relatively short sales pipeline. In the business-to-business environment however the challenges posed by a CRO campaign are precisely the opposite, tracking can be difficult due to the differing methods of enquiry, whilst pipelines for product and service offerings can span months, rather than hours.

At Coast Digital we have made a concerted effort to study and understand the unique challenges that implementing CRO strategies within a B2B setting creates. The results of our findings will be released in the Conversion Rate Optimisation Guide – a guide dedicated to improving lead generation performance for B2B websites.

Look out for our B2B specific Conversion Rate Optimisation Guide – due for release Monday 7th February.

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