Amazon, New Apple TV and three camels


We have a tradition in the office whereby the mere mention of something new gets the shout out ‘Blog Post’ from the team. So, here I am…

The only thing is, I hadn’t realised this was considered new. What I’m referring to is the free Amazon price tracker ‘camelcamelcamel’ which includes an email alert option for when prices drop.

Being a lazy offline shopper, I do everything online – and that usually means Amazon (with a little bit of eBay, and John Lewis thrown in for good measure).

So, on wanting to buy the new second generation Apple TV, I looked online. Amazon’s price was good at £10 lower than elsewhere – around the £90 mark. Great. However, me being me, I had to do that final bit of research, checking reviews etc. In that time though, the price went up. As I wasn’t convinced by Apple TV (still not – though that’s a blog post in itself), I wasn’t prepared to pay the higher price. It’s the principle don’t you know.

I went on to camel camel camel to see what they’d tracked for past Amazon UK prices of the 2nd generation New Apple TV.

I put the Amazon URL for the New Apple TV into their search bar and hit ‘Find products’:
Free Amazon Camel Camel Camel tracker

It returns the following graph – with options to toggle the date range and seller type ie. Amazon, 3rd party new, 3rd party used:

New Apple TV Price Graph

You’re also given the option to track (price watch) via email, Twitter or RSS:

Amazon Price Checker

…and that’s just what I did. Easy. If you’ve read down this far, I hope it revolutionises your Amazon shopping.

If you like it and are a Firefox user, there’s a free Firefox ‘Camelizer’ plugin which charts the price changes while you visit Amazon – makes it simpler still.

With the plugin installed, go to Amazon, find the product you want, then hit the little camel at the bottom right of your screen – hey presto this is what you get:
New Apple TV Price Graph in Amazon

From a marketing agency’s viewpoint, with clients that have products available on Amazon – see my former rant blog post – it’s a good tool for price tracking.

And finally, I can confirm no camels were hurt in the writing of this blog post.


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