Online shopping booming, just ask my bank manager!


As an avid online shopper the latest piece of news concerning the online retail market was certainly of interest to me. According to eCommerca nearly half of UK consumers (42.6%) shop online at least once a week. It has also been recorded that the average online shopper spends around £71 per month on goods, which is perfectly believable when I think about the amount of packages that arrive at the office on a daily basis.

As a consumer I often shop online to get a better price than I would on the high street. It seems like I am not the only one doing this; apparently over sixty percent of consumers believe that it is possible to get a better deal online. Additionally, convenience was recorded as a major factor whilst the wider choice available when shopping online was also a considered important. The eCommerca survey also records that almost a third of people have increased their online spending; I can believe it and I presume, so can my bank manager!

I like to think of myself as fairly internet savvy, whilst I am hardly technical I appreciate good design and a well put together website when I am shopping. An opinion that seems to be supported be the mass of online consumers, who listed poor product photography as one of the major factors in preventing them from purchasing goods. Equally however, poor site design and inefficient navigation were also highlighted as major frustrations for online shoppers.

Recessions always have winners and losers, in this instance it does seem that whilst the high street is certainly suffering, online retailers have been benefiting from the increased desire of consumers to find better deals on the internet.

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