Elixirr Digital makes a splash at the Henley Regatta


Henley Regatta, 2009

Working for an online marketing agency as successful as Elixirr Digital is very demanding, if incredibly good fun. But it’s good to have a break now and then, so we shut the offices and headed off to Henley Regatta for the day on Thursday 2nd July.

It was amazing. The sun was so bright, and the temperature so hot, that only the most dedicated and foolhardy paraded in their striped club blazers. And our hospitality tent was amazing: great staff, chilled champagne, plenty of Pimms, and delicious canapés. The lunch will be remembered for years.

Everyone in the team had the chance to motor up and down the river in a punt, and there were – of course – plenty of boat races going on. None of us knew a massive amount about rowing, so we had plenty to learn – such as why teams competing for “Ladies'” trophies were, in fact, men.

We were based at the starting line, so we got to see every race begin, and could see the umpires’ boats chugging along behind the competitors. Just like the one above.

In all, a wonderful treat that has fired us up for a successful summer back at the office. Many thanks to James for organising it.

It was too tough a choice to select only a handful of photos from the day. So, if you’d like to see a gallery of the Elixirr Digital team having a great time, please check out Michael’s photo gallery.


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