Quintura See and Find – the new search engine


A new search engine to rival Google, Yahoo and MSN, well not quite but it is a fantastic and innovative way of using different search techniques.

Quintura ( uses the standard search query bar; you can type in your keyword and you are presented with a list of search results, nothing new there! These results are fed through a Yahoo xml feed but next to them is a keyword related tag cloud.

The tag cloud contains a list of other keywords that closely relate to your search! From here you can drill down through other keywords – selecting one from the tag cloud will generate another set of related keywords which will help generate new keyword ideas.

The tag cloud itself is not just a jumble of words presented to the user, the text is presented more graphically with images and different colour text depending on the strength of the relationship to your search query. This in turn makes the page much more appealing to the user, and a lot easier to find more relevant keywords.

You don’t even have to use the search query bar to find your results, but simply selecting keywords from the tag cloud presented to you when first going to the website – fantastic idea if you are looking for developing keyword ideas.

All searches performed can be saved and shared with friends or work colleagues, which is a useful feature.

Another great treat is the ability to install a Firefox add-on that quickly allows navigation to the site from the toolbar in your browser.

It also includes the standard search facilities that you would expect; web, image and video searches.


In summary Quintura is an innovative new way of generating related search queries that is presented in a visually appealing, simple and understandable way for the user.

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