Feedback on the new Google Adwords interface


We’ve been using the new AdWords interface for a few weeks now.

Here are a few points we’ve given as feedback to Google:

  • MCC (My Client Centre) lists are not being organized alphabetically.
  • Original Campaign Settings seem to be scattered around the Ad Group level now. The old layout had all scheduling, placement etc within one screen – now you have to search around a lot more.
  • Visibility of long Ad Group lists. If you have a lot of Ad Groups in one campaign they can seem hidden at first, it’s not immediately apparent that if you scroll down more will appear, but you have to use two scroll bars sometimes.
  • Horizontal scroll bars – some pages seem endlessly wide, especially at keyword level.
  • I prefer the word ‘Active’ rather then ‘Eligible’ on campaign / keyword status.

Well, it’s not all that bad really…..and as more AdWords accounts are migrating to the new interface the team here is steadily getting used to the change.

Here are a few good points regarding the new interface:

  • Far more clarity on content campaign performance. All content campaigns are now accompanied by a ‘networks’ tab which shows the websites running your ads and more importantly those doing a poor job.
  • Load times – everything seems to be quite fluid, on occasion there is still a slow down when the US comes online late afternoon.
  • Adopting the AdWords Editor approach when all keywords / ads are displayed depending on the top tab you are viewing. This helps to create a holistic view of the account performance.
  • The continued use of graphs throughout each step of the account really helps highlight current performance and trends. It seems every page is now loaded with performance stats.

And finally

Overall the Coast Digital Online Marketing team is happy with the vast majority of functionality added. It seems Google have catered well for the analyst-style approach to PPC management but they haven’t lost their focus on showing the ‘more bang for your buck’ approach that experienced marketers will be looking for.


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