Google website optimiser: manage PPC effectively


The PPC management team at Coast Digital continually look for ways to develop conversion rates in our AdWords campaigns and Google Website Optimiser is a tool we use to help us achieve great results.

If you are unfamiliar with this addition to Google AdWords you can find a link to it in the header of the AdWords campaign management banner. Set-up is relatively easy and I personally like the prompts which test the code is installed correctly.

To get the best out of Google Website Optimiser I recommend you apply the following points to your PPC landing pages:

  • Use a simple, templated structure which enables easy swapping out of headings and other elements
  • Clearly define a list of USP’s to test
  • Make sure all sign-ups / purchase call-outs are clear to see
  • Don’t overload the landing page with content – keep it crisp, clear and concise

Once the script is installed correctly on the landing and succeeding pages I recommend leaving the optimiser to run for at least 3-5 days, this will give the system enough time to collect data and display findings.

Below is an example of an account where Coast Digital managed 4 variations of landing page elements within Google Website Optimiser to improve the conversion rate:

What do these figures tell us?

In this example in particular it is clear that Combination 2 has delivered the highest conversion rate. Next steps are to take the constituent elements of Combination 2 and apply them to the landing page as a permanent fixture – and then look to test other elements of the page.

Overall I would say that Google Website Optimiser can offer as much insight as Google Analytics; its delivery is clear and simply linked from within Google AdWords.

To get the best out of Google Website Optimiser, Coast Digital recommend split testing at least 2 different landing page elements. In doing so you are continually refining the quality of your AdWords traffic; the better the quality the more likely it is to convert.

Google AdWords will reward your campaign with traffic at a cheaper cost when you focus on quality – and Google Website Optimiser can help you achieve this.

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