Case Study


Search strategy enhancement for a competitive intelligence tool.

Case Study


Search strategy enhancement for a competitive intelligence tool.

Adthena is the market-leading competitive intelligence tool for search. This dynamic digital marketing solution uses machine learning to provide its users with a comprehensive view of the Search Marketing landscape.

Used by an impressive number of high-profile companies across multiple sectors, Adthena offers “unrivalled competitive clarity” by giving its users insight into competitor activity.

The Task

Despite the ingenuity of this complex yet highly effective tool, it seemed that there were various technical issues affecting the website’s ranking potential which in turn had a negative impact on its traffic levels.

Elixirr Digital were brought in to help optimise Adthena’s web presence, not only by building them a new website, but also by planning and then implementing a solid search strategy.

‘Demo Request’ was also highlighted as an important factor to be optimised, as users are more likely to convert after sampling the tool.

The Challenges

Due to the unique function of an artificially intelligent tool like Adthena, we quickly identified that the biggest challenge we faced was deciding how to best promote this tool in such a niche marketplace with such a specific target audience (i.e. high-achieving search marketing professionals and agencies).

We also highlighted that understanding Adthena and its impressive uses involved a relatively long user journey. While this isn’t necessarily a negative thing, it does involve the risk of ‘incomplete engagement’ and therefore missed opportunities for conversion.


What We Did

After completing a thorough audit of the website, we had identified the key issues and decided on a plan of action on how to maximise the targeted user awareness of Athena. This plan involved utilisation of both paid and organic search (PPC and SEO).

We started with keyword research in order to better understand how to acquire and maintain audience attention.

Once this had been completed, we were then in a better position to recommend more specific and relevant page titles and meta descriptions (on-page information which is read and ranked by search engine spiders).

To ensure we made the site as technically sound as possible, we also enhanced the site speed and rectified instances of duplicated content.

Where PPC was concerned, our user research gave us insight on how to target the right audience in order to minimise wasted spend and maximise conversion rates. The paid search campaign focused on lead generation which we measured through interactions such as calls, demo requests and event registrations.

The Results

The outcome of the implemented SEO and PPC strategies was an impressive increase in site traffic year-on-year, and most importantly, a significant growth in conversion rate – in the form of demo requests.

SEO Results:

  • Number of users increased by 27%
  • Website sessions saw a 26% gain
  • Bounce rate decreased by 30%
  • Demo requests increased by a staggering 500%

PPC Results:

  • Website sessions saw a 484% gain
  • Number of users increased by 598%
  • Click through rate has increased by 428%

All of this has been achieved whilst maintaining a strong ROI of 9.4 to 1.

Elixirr Digital have been pivotal in the success of our digital marketing. From the beginning of our partnership, their research, planning, and build of our new website is first class. We now have a fully functioning website and a set of diverse supporting campaigns capable of generating leads for our SAAS business across the globe. The Elixirr Digital team are a pleasure to work with and bring smart ideas that continually move us forward.

Ashley Fletcher,
VP of Marketing

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