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A recent graduate, Amy is a welcome addition to Coast Digital’s growing Display & Paid Social team. We caught up with Amy to chat about how she’s finding her new role and about the appeal that digital marketing holds for her.

Welcome, Amy! Coast Digital is your first role since graduating, what’s your first impression?

Yes, this is my first role since graduating and my first agency role! I worked in-house as a digital marketing exec for a private healthcare company during my placement year, so I didn’t really know what to expect from an agency role but so far, I’m rating this much higher!

I really like the variety that comes with agency work, different clients, businesses, campaigns, etc. There’s lots going on and I feel like I am learning something new every day. Despite working mostly remotely so far, everyone has been very welcoming and friendly and it’s easy to see that there is a great culture at Coast.

Why does display & paid social advertising appeal to you?

In previous roles, I have done a lot of organic social media content, so it feels right that display and paid social is my next step of progression. I touched on display and paid social during my placement year and I loved seeing the ads I had created delivering results. However, these were fairly small budgets in comparison to what we work with at Coast, so it’s really interesting and exciting to work with bigger ad spends and see a much larger scale of return. I also love that we run ads on platforms outside of Facebook and Instagram, which is new for me!

Which single piece of advice or learning so far has stuck out for you?

In the short time I have been at Coast, I have already learned so much and continue to do so every day! I think the main piece of advice that has stuck out to me so far is not to be afraid of reaching out for support – whether it’s to develop skills and learning, to solve an issue, or to fix a mistake – as we have all been in these situations at one point or another. It was really nice to have that reassurance that we all work together as part of the same supportive team, even though we work across different clients or within different channels of digital marketing.

What do you think paid social can offer that other channels can’t?

Paid social can help get content in front of the right people faster than organic. You can easily segment and target to reach a unique audience across different platforms in order to drive new traffic. Paid social also provides quality insights which otherwise might not be picked up on in other channels.

What is changing in paid social? What are the biggest opportunities to explore?

I think that, for me, the biggest opportunity to explore is using other platforms outside of Facebook and Instagram. TikTok, Snapchat and Pinterest have all recently upgraded their advertising platforms, making it easier to build ads and read analytics. It may be thanks to Lockdown that we have seen a continuous rise in users on these platforms – Snapchat for keeping in touch with friends and family, TikTok for exploring tailored video content, and Pinterest for home renovation ideas! But whatever the reason, I think now is a better time than ever to utilise these platforms and reach audiences in way clients simply haven’t been able to before.

If you’d like to talk to a member of the team about our display advertising and social media marketing services here at Coast, give us a call today!

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