Facebook Canvas – This Week at Friday Knowledge Share


This week at Friday Knowledge Share, Business Development Manager Michael ‘Billy’ Bilonick gave us the low down on an exciting new advertising model coming to social media – Facebook Canvas.


What is Facebook Canvas?

Facebook Canvas brings full screen mobile ads to the social media platform. These immersive ads allow the user to interact with the content by flipping, tapping, panning, swiping and scrolling – meaning they can engage with it in a way that suits them.

These ads looks just like the standard Facebook ads you’ll be used to – it’s once they are clicked that things get interesting. Facebook Canvas ads expand to become more like a microsite or a standalone app.

Why Canvas is an important development for mobile users

“Mobile ads can be a painful experience. Mobile ads often look spammy, are disruptive, and feel intrusive. They can stop you dead in your tracks for all the wrong reasons, without delivering anything valuable to you.”Jaime Rovira, Product Designer at Facebook – Canvas: how we crafted Facebook’s new immersive ads

As we’ve increasingly seen in our user experience led website design and build projects, the mobile experience is vital. Websites that fail to offer a good experience for mobile users see drastically reduced conversion rates overall, and now even receive an organic search penalty from Google after the famed Mobilegeddon update.

For Facebook, a service that relies heavily on mobile traffic, the motivation to develop a better advertising experience for its users is clear – offering a good experience is key.

However, for us and our clients there’s an equally important message here. We need to make sure we’re offering the best possible experience for those mobile users that click our ads.

Canvas case studies

Billy’s knowledge share included a set of case studies showing the uplift that brands have seen from using Facebook Canvas. This included:

  • Carnival Cruise Lines, who saw a 30% lift in view-to-completion rates compared to traditional video ads
  • L’Occitane, who Reached an audience of 2.3 million in just two weeks
  • Asus, who saw a 42% higher click through rate for entire campaign in seven markets

Discussing the opportunities

As a Business Development Manager, Billy is always looking at ways we can expand, improve and evolve our offering. With the results being delivered in the Facebook Canvas, there was excitement in the room about the opportunities this could open for our clients.

Billy led a discussion on who out of our client base could benefit from this new style of advertising. To cut a long story short, we’re looking forward to rolling out Facebook Canvas ad campaigns for our clients very soon.

Want to talk about social media advertising?

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