What is the value of becoming a GAP?


With Google continuing to dominate the UK paid search market, it’s interesting to reflect on how their position is bolstered by the availability of online training on AdWords and pay per click.

Since 2004 Google have supported their AdWords product with free online training. Many search agencies and individuals use Google’s online training to become certified Google Advertising Professionals (GAP).

Attaining GAP status is good for business, staff morale and achieving greater results in Google. All of the online marketing team at Coast Digital are GAPs. In fact we were one of the very first companies to achieve qualified status.

Some of the criteria for qualification include: demonstrating a full understanding of the AdWords advertising model through management of two or more campaigns over a 90 day period; consistently meeting Google standards and delivering results of the highest level. Achievement of a pass mark of 75% in a final exam is also required.

The team have benefitted enormously from undertaking this training, but it raises the question of why Yahoo and MSN don’t support their products with a similar approach? Their apparent declining position in the market place only goes to underscore the opportunity they are missing. Google’s training tools help us to do a good job even better. And for Google it’s a win/win situation.

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